Camera Rescue



What are we doing?

Film photography is worth saving. The process of shooting and developing film is being lost to time, and we don't want to sit idly by and let it happen. With film cameras no longer being made en masse, the remaining stock is all we have. As a repair shop, we've come to recognize the important part we play in keeping film alive. Thousands of old, usable film cameras sit abaondoned in basements, attics, and drawers, just waiting for a new adventure. 


How can I help?

Look around for cameras, and for people who might like them! It's our mission to find, repair, and rehome every camera we can get our hands on, and we need your help to get it done right. We're hoping to get 3,000 cameras into the hands of new users in order to pass on the joy of film photography to the next generation. Just bring the cameras to us, we'll see what they need, fix them, and get them to someone who can use them.