Video Transfer & Digitization

Need your old movies digitized? Let us help you out!

See our pricing sheet below for video services, or give us a call at (802) 662-4932 for more information.

Video Transfers - VHS or Hi 8 to USB Drive

$29.95 per tape

Up to 2 hours of VHS or Hi8 recorded time onto one USB thumb drive
$10 for each additional hour of VHS or Hi8 recorded time (extended play tapes can run as long as 6 hours!)

USB Drives are available for $7.50 and can typically hold 4-8 VHS tapes-worth of footage.

Additional USB drives are $7.50 each

USB drives are highly recommended over DVDs.
They will last longer, are more stable, and make it easy to copy your video files and send them to family/friends!

Digital delivery is available as a download link for $10


Custom Editing Time:

$50/hour, custom captions, trimming, video editing, adjustments and shake reduction.



   Super 8, 8mm, 16mm film to USB Drive  

$0.35 per foot

Typical footage for various size reels:

3 inch reel 50 ft $17.50
4 inch reel 100 ft $35.00
5 inch reel 200 ft $70.00
6 inch reel 300 ft $105.00
7 inch reel 400 ft $140.00