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Shipping Instructions

Shipping Address: Lezot Camera Repair

                           8016 Williston Rd

                           Williston, VT 05495

For shipping any camera or projector, please pack carefully. Keep the following points in mind:


Include your contact information and a brief description of any problems in the box with the object. A brief 'x doesn't work' or 'it does A when I want B' will be helpful.


- There should be a minimum of 2-3 inch of space between the cameras or projector and the box walls. 

- The camera or projector should be in a clean plastic bag before wrapping in bubble wrap or other materials.

- Lenses should have a lens cap in place to avoid rub marks from packaging material.

- Wrap the camera or projector in a couple of layers of small-cell bubble wrap.

- Fill the rest of the box with peanuts, more bubble wrap, or scrunched-up paper. Have the object be held away from all walls of the box by the fill material. 

- When you close the box, rock it back and forth and see if you can feel the object shifting. If it is moving, you need more filling.

Once again, DO NOT USE AIR CUSHION BAGS. The weight and density of any camera, lens, or projector will pop the bags and your object will spend most of its time bouncing against the walls of the box. For example, this projector had quite a bumpy ride with the air bags on the bottom popped....



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