Pentax Spotmatic Meter Movement Galvanometer

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This original Meter Movement fits the Spotmatic series of cameras.  It is vintage, in excellent condition, and has been tested to ensure functionality.
This part is NOT the newer version sold for the K1000 - this is the original, vintage Spotmatic part carefully removed from a donor camera.  This means no modification is necessary.

Please note that the appearance of this part changed over time, and may vary slightly from the photos.  All parts purchased from this listing are compatible, and are the genuine article!

Installation of this part requires disassembly of the camera.  Be sure to have all work done by a qualified technician.  We've been servicing these cameras for over 3 decades; let us know if we can be of assistance!

If you haven't found the part you're looking for listed on our website, let us know!  If it goes into a Spotmatic, we've got it!