Pentax 67II Repair Service

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This listing covers labor costs for repairs to the Pentax 67II cameras.

     It's hard to find a more durable or rugged medium-format SLR system than the Pentax 6x7 family.  Even so, these dependable units can sometimes develop problems and LeZot's Complete Camera is here to help.  We've been servicing the 6x7 family since 1978, which means our technicians have the background and experience that applies to the newer versions, as well.

    The 67II introduced new electronics and electromechanical parts, some of which may be replaced as a standard part of service. This is why the 67II is a different service than service for the 6x7 and 67 models. 

     Whether you've got a jammed shutter, stuck or slipping film advance, or the body won't couple with the light meter, we can get you back to taking stellar shots.  If there are additional parts that need replacement, we will present you with the additional cost in advance.  
     Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about service to your Pentax medium-format SLR. Turn around time is between 3-4 weeks.

NOTE: This service is for the body only. If you require service for your meter head please see our AE Prism Repair Service.