Nikon FE Black 35mm SLR Film Camera Body Only

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**TESTED - EXCELLENT** Nikon FE Black 35mm SLR Film Camera Body Only
"The Nikon FE is one of the most flexible, most intelligently designed and most perfect cameras ever made." - Ken Rockwell
  • Dials turn smoothly, no stick anywhere.
  • Tested, shutter speeds are accurate.
  • Tested, film winds well.
  • Shutter is snappy and clean.
  • Meter (and automatic modes) are accurate as well.
  • Body has some brassing on bottom cover (it adds character!)
  • Film back is slightly loose. Nikon SLRs are typically looser than other brands, but this one is particularly loose. May cause light leaks, but is most likely okay due to Nikon's foam light sealing.
  • There are some signs of age, but body is in fantastic shape otherwise.
  • Battery NOT INCLUDED.
*PLEASE* SEE PHOTOS - We do our best to display the camera as fully and accurately as possible. Thanks!