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If your D40 has been well used and in need of some good TLC, this is the service you'll want.

This Service will DEEP clean your camera, repair the shutter and mirror cage errors.

Cleaning of your imaging chip is included (a $50.00 value).

We disassemble the camera to make repairs. Once inside the unit we clean out all the dust, dirt and debris that has gathered inside.



NOTE: This service does not include parts. If we determine that parts are needed, we'll get intouch, let you know exactly what we've found and get your approval.

This service does not apply to cameras that have been fluid damaged (water) or impact damaged (dropped). These cameras will be examined and an estimate will be given before any repairs are done.

If you have any questions, please call 1-800-286-9027  or email  We're always happy to help out.