Minolta SRT series Rewind Knob

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These are new (meaning 20+ years old but unused), genuine Minolta rewind knobs for the Minolta SRT series of cameras. Please note that these are the original style, so the knob has female threads. **A very few SRT models took male threads; please ask if you have any questions (repair@lezot.com).** These chrome knobs have been discontinued for some time, so when they're gone, they're gone! Installation is simple and tool-free, so long as your rewind shaft is still intact. The knob just screws right on to the threaded shaft. Take care you don't push the shaft down while threading it on. Always rewind clockwise.

If you don't see the SRT part you're looking for on our website, please ask us.  If it goes into an SRT, we've probably got it!