Canon PowerShot G7 to G11 Series, includes lens or pin repair

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The most common symptom of bent pins is inability or difficulty in installing the Compact Flash memory card. In most cases, with proper lighting, you can remove the card and see into the slot. Every pin should be evenly spaced from its neighbors. If any are uneven, or if you can see the side of a pin, it is bent.

This service also includes cameras with jammed lenses that will not retract or extend out.

This repair will include non-responsive (dead) cameras. And will include small parts like fuses. If repairs require more significant parts, we'll call you and let you know the additional charges and get your approval.

If damaged pins, lens issues or just dead sound like one of your problems, LeZot Camera Repair will restore your camera to its original condition. You spent your hard-earned money on that camera, so why just throw it away? If it has served you well until now, return the favor and get your Canon PowerShot G-series camera the LeZot treatment.
This service covers repairs and/or replacement of any bent, broken, damaged or missing pins in the Compact Flash (CF) slot. Applies to the following models:
PowerShot G7
PowerShot G9
PowerShot G10
PowerShot G11

Please note that cameras showing signs of tampering will incur additional charges.
This service carries our standard 90-day limited warranty (terms can be found on our 'Policies' page), and also includes a general cleaning of the camera.
Once we receive your camera, we will repair and return it within 3-4 weeks (Our working days are Monday-Saturday.)
If you own the PowerShot G6, please consider our repair estimation service, as the G6 is not covered by this repair service.
After purchasing this service, include your name and return address (a copy of your order is fine). Pack the camera carefully, insure the shipment, and send to:

LeZot's Complete Camera Center
8016 Williston Road
Williston, VT 05495

"Thank you so much for fixing the pins in my camera. It feels so good  
to have it back in my hands and functioning beautifully. I also want  
to thank you for the photo of a damaged card you included. My card  
did indeed have a gouge in it and little bits of plastic covering a  
couple of the holes. I bought a new 4 gig card and will probably never  
remove it from the camera.
Thanks again,"
Cynthia from California