Canon EOS film camera Shutter Goo repair service

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One common problem among Canon's EOS cameras of a certain age is the 'goo' on the shutter blades which, left untreated, results in half-black images. This tar-like can be found by removing any film, and looking at the shutter blades with the film door open. Toward the right side, a dotted line of black sludge forms an arc on the right side of the shutter blades.
When manufacturing these cameras, Canon included a sound-dampening material within the shutter unit. By the time the entire camera is assembled, this material ends up making no noticible difference in the sound the camera makes, but sadly the material breaks down over time, and begins almost to melt. As it does so, it transfers to the shutter blades. The shutter is a light-weight, precision instrument, and the addition of tarry sludge does not improve its operation. Eventually, the blades may adhere to one another, and fail to fully open the shutter, yeilding photos with half an image and half black.
Our repair service not only cleans off the shutter blades themselves, but also removes the offending material from within the shutter module, so that the problem will not recur. For $100 plus shipping, we will also clean the entire camera, and check all functions. We also clean out the film transport system (a favorite hiding place for dirt and dust). Minor adjustments are also included. If parts need to be replaced, we will contact you in advance with a revised estimate to cover any necessary work.

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