400 Silver Battery for Spotmatic

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0.20 LBS
$5.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

This silver battery provides long life and consistent accuracy when used in your Spotmatic series camera.  It replaces the 400 battery (note that the number on the battery may vary).  Ideal for use in cameras that have already been adapted for the modern 1.5 volts this battery supplies.
If your camera's light meter has not yet been serviced, the readings may not be accurate with this battery.  Consider having it restored to its former glory (includes calibration to this modern battery type).

Historical note:
     Many cameras made in the 1960s and -70s took mercury batteries, which lasted for years and years.  These batteries have long since been banned for their mercury content, and the replacements are not exactly the same.  The batteries we're selling are a slightly different voltage (1.5v instead of the 1.35v supplied by the mercury batteries).  The other option is a zinc-air ("hearing-aid style"), which is 1.35v, but has a short life-span, and will go dead even with very little use.  We do not sell the zinc-air battery at this time.

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